from SALIGIA by Epta Astera

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Selre bið æghwæm
þæt he his freond wrece, þonne he fela murne.
Aris, rices weard, uton hraþe feron
Grendles magan gang sceawigan

Ic hit þe gehate: no he on helm losaþ
Ne on foldan fæþm, ne on fyrgen-holt,
Ne on gyfenes grund, ga þær he wille.

ac he hraþe wolde
Grendle forgyldan guð-ræsa fela,
ðara þe he geworhte to West-Denum
Oftor micle ðonne on ænne sið
þonne he Hroðgares heorð-geneatas
sloh on sweofote. He him þæs lean forgeald,
ond hine þa heafde becearf.


from SALIGIA, released May 26, 2009




Epta Astera Rochester, New York

Epta Astera is a Gregorian folk metal band from the U.S. that celebrates the aesthetic heritage of the Occident by fusing the the contemplative transcendence of polyphonic chant with the cathartic intensity of atmospheric metal.

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