from SALIGIA by Epta Astera

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I am the one who sits inside your gut
And I’ll be the one to save you from yourself
I am your neverending help
Your deliverance from the scarcity of this world

You are the one I live to serve
Your pleasure is my own, your hunger my grief
And what higher good is there but your pleasure?
Yes I’ll labor for you if you’ll labor for me

So feed me!
You are nothing but an extension of me

All you have need of by day or night
Everything around you is yours by right
Consume what you will; discard the rest
Soon your hunger will be nothing more than a pest.

Fear not my absence, you’re never alone
I won’t forsake you though you beg and plead
For you are me as much as I am you
Where then is your pleasure without my lead?


Our beings entwine; you cannot escape
Once you’ve indulged you cannot return
No turning back; now feed my hunger
I am with you eternally

You are nothing but an extension of me


from SALIGIA, released May 26, 2009




Epta Astera Rochester, New York

Epta Astera is a Gregorian folk metal band from the U.S. that celebrates the aesthetic heritage of the Occident by fusing the the contemplative transcendence of polyphonic chant with the cathartic intensity of atmospheric metal.

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