Semper Reformanda

by Epta Astera

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Kraeeg perfect blend of gregorian and metal. Each track reminds us the importance of our doctrinal statements the were established from the reformation 500yrs ago. I always enjoy this album. Favorite track: Soli Deo Gloria.
Raemar thumbnail
Raemar Chant, metal, acoustic guitar and sounds of nature all simultaneously calm, yet exhilarate me, and here they all are, swathed in the luminescent cloak of originality. A beautifully unique sound that captures. Favorite track: Sola Fide.
Jason Sullivan
Jason Sullivan thumbnail
Jason Sullivan A lot of bands will use monk chanting to accent their metal. Epta Astera; on the other hand, uses metal to accent the chanting......and I LOVE it. Favorite track: Solo Christo.
willis thumbnail
willis Gregorian folk metal - a Unique band (the only one of its kind) To the black shrieks to the male choir, from an atmosphere of guitars, to the calmness of nature. This music very much describes a memory of an intense jog through the forest, and your stop for a breather, as you hear the birds in the trees. The lyrical themes: bout the Protestant Reformation, you can find on band's website a thesis for each song. Favorite track: Sola Fide.
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released April 26, 2013




Epta Astera Rochester, New York

Epta Astera is a Gregorian folk metal band from the U.S. that celebrates the aesthetic heritage of the Occident by fusing the the contemplative transcendence of polyphonic chant with the cathartic intensity of atmospheric metal.

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Track Name: Sola Scriptura
Authoritas Scripturæ sacræ propter quam ei debetur
Fides et observantia, non ab ullius aut hominis aut Ecclesiæ pendet testimonio, sed a solo
Ejus authore Deo
Qui est ipsa veritas
Eoque est a nobis recipienda, quoniam est Verbum Dei.
Track Name: Solo Christo
Ecce agnus Dei
Ecce qui tollit peccatum mundi

crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus
descendit ad inferna

tertia die resurrexit a mortuis
ascendit ad coelos
sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis
inde venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos
Track Name: Sola Gratia
This hymn of thanks O Lord we bring
For by thy grace alone we sing
Hadst thou not looked on us in grace
We would remain a perished race
Thy spirit we could not resist
Who breathed new life into our breasts
By grace alone, this doctrine pure
Our only comfort doth secure
Track Name: Sola Fide
Der Stoff meiner Hoffnung
Und ein Nichtzweiflung das man nicht sieht
Durch den Glauben merken wir daß die Welt durch Gottes Wort fertig ist

Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
Ein gute Wehr und Waffen
Er hilft uns frei aus aller Not
Die uns jetzt hat betroffen

Denn sagen wir die Geben zu verstehen
Daß wir ein Vaterland suchen
Nun begehren wir eine himmlischen Stadt
Darum schämt sich Gott ihrer nicht
Zu heißen ihr Gott
Er hat ihnen eine Stadt zubereitet
Track Name: Soli Deo Gloria
There is no other
The sun is a trainride of your glory
The voices of the throng implode into love, into surprise
At joy unsurpassable

Glory revealed
Your children have become the doxology of your love
And I am aware

There is none like you

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